Gulpener Bluegrass Festival w/ the Peregrines
Utrecht, Netherlands
Barton Cafe, Copenhagen w/ the Peregrines
Copenhagen, Denmark
Barton Cafe-
Illertal cowboys, Vohringen, w/ the Peregrines
Vohringen, Bavaria, Germany


The People Need Light

Mr Sun, my genre-inclusive omnivorous improvisatory string band with fiddler Darol Anger, guitarist Grant Gordy, and bass player Ethan Jodziewicz, has released our debut record on Compass Records. I have to say that I’m proud of it: it’s got personality, it takes risks, and it’s full of joy. I’m glad this music has made it out into the world, and would love for you to hear it:

We got a nice review in Bluegrass Unlimited (and I think our review is proof this month that it really is unlimited!). Check it out here if you like:

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